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Personality Assessment - NEO-PI-R

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Sean Brody
Age - 8

Race - White

Gender - Male

Ethnicity - Jewish

Veteran Status - None

Immigrant Status - American citizen

Language - English, American Sign Language

Sensory Impairment - Hearing Impaired

Motor Impairment - None

Medical Conditions - High lead levels

Presenting Problem - Behavioral and academic problems in school

Poor peer relationships


Affective Symptoms - Irritability

Behavioral Symptoms - School failure

Suspensions and expulsions due to aggression

Isolation from peers

Cognitive Symptoms - Poor concentration and attention in school

Family and Support Systems - Only child

Split custody

Results Intelligence Testing - Weakness in Gs and Gr

Strength in Gf

Results of NEO PI-R - High, open to experience

Low, conscientiousness

apply the knowledge of test selection and evaluation to personality assessment. You select a personality test that might be appropriate for your virtual client based on the presenting information. In addition, you practice integrating the hypothetical results of a personality test to increase your understanding of the particular dynamics of your client and his or her presenting problem.

Q******* Summarize the presenting problem of the virtual client and create a hypothesis.
Select a personality test from the Mental Measurements Yearbook.
Evaluate and explain why this test is most appropriate for assessing the client's personality and justify your selection.

Mock Assessment Results

Locate your virtual client in the following list.

NEO-PI Results:

Virtual Client 1: High-Open to Experience, Low-Conscientiousness
Virtual Client 2: High-Neuroticism, Low-Extraversion
Virtual Client 3: High-Neuroticism, Low-Agreeableness

specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.

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(1) Summarize the presenting problem of the virtual client and create a hypothesis.

Sean Brody is a White male, ages 8 of Jewish ethnicity residing in the United States. He is an American citizen, who is able to speak English and recognize American Sign Language. Sean presents with psychological problems that consists of behavioral and academic problems, including irritability, poor concentration and attention in school, He has received several suspensions and expulsions due to aggression. In addition to his psychological problems, Sean has a medical condition that includes hearing impairment, and diagnosed with high lead levels. He is an only child and his parents have shared custody. Sean's psychological and academic problems may have contributed to his social problems. He has poor-peer relationships, and have been isolated from and rejected by them. His intelligence tests reveal moderate intellectual ability—weakness in Gs and Gr but strengths in GF. Sean was administered the Revised NEO (NEO-PI-R, Costa & McCrae, 1992a) Personality Inventory. Results of a NEO-PI—R results that he scored high on the item, open ...

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