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Student Assessment

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I need assistance with student assessment.

In the text, the Karten (2011), states "Unconditional acceptance in school environments means that the educational staff communicate a message that there is nothing wrong with being wrong" (p. 76). Based on the readings, as well as your personal and professional experiences, what does this mean for developing engaging, safe, and productive classroom communities? What actions will you take as a teacher to communicate and demonstrate this important message to your students?

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Today's educational society demands that teachers demonstrate a rigorous plan of lessons. To meet the increasing educational need, assessment, and reflection activities will support and promote critical-thinking. Activities will be ongoing and integrated throughout the lesson. As the students assess and reflect on their own work, they come to understand their learning style better, make academic progress in their work and feel safe in a positive learning environment (Northwest Regional Educational Labratory, 2005).

To communicate high-expectations to students, and their responsibility in ...

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The actions to be taken for student assessment are determined.

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