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Major Components of Assessment

Can you tell me the importance of the 4 major components of assessment: 1)purpose, 2)measurement, 3)evaluation and 4)usage. and How are these components essential to the overall assessment of students regarding achievement and success?

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There are several keys to quality assessment. Stiggins describes these 5 key dimensions as:
1. assessments that are designed to serve specific information needs of the intended users
2. assessments that arise from clearly articulated and appropriate achievement targets
3. assessments that accurately reflect student achievement
4. assessments that are effectively communicated to the intended users
5. assessments that involve students in classroom assessment, record keeping and communication

Each dimension is critical. Questions to ask in regards to creating an assessment include:
What's the purpose of the assessment? Who will use the results? What are the learning targets? Are the learning targets clear? Are the learning targets good? What assessment method should I use? Is the assessment written well? ...

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The major components of assessment are discussed and their importance in regards to student achievement.