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Depth Inventory Management Analysis

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One of the problems many companies face today is to what depth inventory should be. Basically, the question is: do we inventory major components, individual parts, smaller items? So, at some point, we would have to make a decision to keep things in inventory - or perhaps outsource to a JIT vendor.

So, to what level do you think you would keep your inventory in today's environment?

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The review into how important managing inventory for a company to effectively serve their consumers.

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Inventory is important for a company to meet the demands of their customers on a monthly basis. Therefore, the level of inventory of major components or small parts is essential to keeping in stock if the demand within the last 30-90 days were high and consistent. Most companies make the strategic decision to keep certain parts of inventory from 2 weeks or 4 weeks before a decrease of stock at certain levels, i.e. 10%-20% ...

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