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    Financial Analysis of Under Armour

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    Can you please help me with the following financial analysis and the attached questions (see attachment)?

    Please help prepare a financial analysis for 2008 and 2009 for Under Armour - http://investor.underarmour.com/investors.cfm

    The financial analysis should include:

    Current ratio
    Quick ratio
    Net profit margin
    Return on investment
    Return on equity
    Inventory turnover
    Days of inventory
    asset turnover
    Fixed asset turnover
    Average collection period
    Debt-to-asset ratio
    Debt-to-equity ratio

    I. Current Performance
    A. Describe the Current Performance
    1. Identify the Key Issues
    2. Analysis of Mission and Objectives
    B. Strategic Posture
    1. Mission
    2. Corporate Level Strategies
    3. Business Level Strategies
    4. Policies
    II. Corporate Governance
    A. Board of Directors
    1. Strategic Orientation
    2. Composition
    B. Top Management
    1. Strategic Orientation
    2. Composition.

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    A. Current Performance
    Under Armour is engaged in branded performance apparel, footwear and accessories. Current performance of Under Armour is strong. In North America, the company has been able to successfully take Nike in head-on struggle. What used to be a tiff between Nike and Adidas is turning in favor of Under Armour as the company has taken over Adidas in the U.S market. The company is also targeting international growth in the next few years through acquisitions.

    1. Key Issues
    The recession took a negative toll on consumer's spending on sporting and athletic goods which led to stores decreasing inventory for these goods. However the trend is expected to fade away soon with increasing awareness about health benefits associated with exercising.
    In the international market demand for sportswear is very volatile and depends on consumers preferences as they tend to fluctuate between different sporting activities.
    2. Mission & Objectives
    Mission of Under Armour is to make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation ("Our mission", n.d).
    Under Armour has one key objective which is growth. The company wants to grow and all their strategies are aligned to enable the company ...

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