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Research on Diversity intrusion in the Sports Apparel Companies

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I am doing a Capstone in my Sports Industry Degree. My intent is to write about the disparity of diversity in the Sports industries companies. specifically I would like to focus on Under armour for I heard they a the major culprit in NOT having a diverse Board of Directors and would like to undertake an initive to correct the issue. I would like to propose to them a Diversity plan on how by doing this would increase and benefit Under Armour in the long run.

By week end I must submit a Literature review with 10 current APA style References on what is my intent to accomplish my Capstone on why Under Armour needs to start an Office of Diversity and Inclusion. At a macro level, it's taken them 15 years to hit $1 billion in revenue. That's a great accomplishment. Their CEO and founder, Kevin Plank, has stated they'll hit $2 billion by 2013. If that is going to happen, they need to grow their business in incremental markets -- International (currently only 6% of their revenue comes from outside North America). They also should focus on the growing demographic markets in the US, re Women, Latinos, African-Americas and Asians. Hence, the need for an articulate Diversion and Inclusion strategy.

An Office of Diversity and Inclusion will help them the employee recruitment and employee retention (particularly with hiring more people from the above groups). They also should start to focus on hiring minority candidates for executive positions as well as on the board of directors.

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Research on diversity intrusion in the Sports Apparel Companies are examined.

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Overview of the Subject:

Sports Apparel industry is a multibillion industry around the world. Over the recent past there has been rapid growth in the industry spurred with increased sports participation, lifestyle changes and the demand for stylish versatile sports apparel. The value of the industry in the U.S. has grown to a value of 24.7 billion and is projected to reach a value of $26.3 billion by 2014 (Sports Equipment Industry Profile, 2010). Under Armour, a company in the industry has also seen record breaking growth with it recording more than $1 billion in revenue in 2010, double what it earned five years before, and its share price soaring more than 70% over the same period (Sorensen, 2011). With the changing work environment and workforce structure in the American economy, it is imperative that any company that is serious about increasing and sustaining its revenue and withstanding competitive pressures, it is imperative that diversity initiatives be integrated within company's structure and activities. This literature review seeks to identify and inform the importance of diversity and inclusion in Sports Apparel Companies and in specific Under Armour Company which has been noted not to have a diverse Board of Directors. This literature review will start with a review of literature on diversity and the need for diversity, and diversity initiatives and diversity plan. Nonetheless the primary focus of the literature review will mirror the need to start an Office of Diversity and Inclusion in Under Armour Company.

Diversity and the need for diversity:


In this paper diversity is applied to the human population and in specific the workforce within a working environment. Harrison and Klein (2007, pp.1200) have defined diversity as the "distribution of differences among members in a given unit with respect to" several attributes such as race, gender, age, nationality, religion, opinion, and many more. It is any feature that is used as a basis for self identification and social categorization (Tsui & Gutek, 1999). Similarly diversity according Lumby (2009, pp.356) involves inclusion of those deemed to other than the dominant group into the group.

The Need for Diversity:

The workplace environment in the U.S. was traditionally a bastion of male dominance and in particular white male. This though has been changing radically with companies realizing the importance of diversity in order to thrive in the changing modern business environment. Kristensen and Markey (2009) noted that the metamorphosis of the U.S. demographic towards a more diverse population is among the key reasons why companies need to embrace diversity. By 2050, it is projected that the whites in the U.S. will no longer be ...

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