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    Nike's business-level strategies

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    How have Nike's business-level strategies changed the nature of industry competition?

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    //Business level strategies of the different companies are different from each other, as each company frames its business strategy at product level. With the help of the business level strategies, the company mainly focuses on the improvement of their competitive position in the related industry. In this series, Nike, a popular sports and apparel company also follows its business-level strategy in a unique way, which has varying changes in the nature of the industry competition. In this series, in the beginning of the discussion, the overview of the business level strategies of Nike is given.//

    Business-Level Strategies of Nike:

    In the specific industry of the market segment, the business-level strategies of the companies mainly emphasize the establishment of the competitive position of the company in the related industry. The business level industries of the companies work mainly in two forms, competitive strategies and corporate strategies. When some leading companies follow their specific business-level strategy, then it causes changes in the nature of the competition level in that particular industry.

    Nike is a global company, which deals in the process of designing, developing and marketing of apparel, sports products, footwear, etc. The products of the company have their recognition at the global level (Nike, 2010). The company owns a leading position as a supplier of sports products in the international market. Though the apparel and sports equipment industry is quite large, Nike has possessed immense competition in this industry due to its unique business level strategy.

    Nike's business-level strategy is an important component of the successful business of the company. The main focus of the business strategy of the company is on ...