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    How have Nike's business-level strategies changed the nature of industry competition?

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    Nike's business level strategies have changed the nature of industry competition in so many ways. Here are Nike's strategies, so that we can then see how they have paved the way for other organizations as well. They include: uses consumer insights with research and development to design high quality athletic shoes, contact with manufactures to make the products and ship them around the world, create demand through marketing and advertising, stimulate growth through the investments of others, and shared information to others on their growth strategy. As one can tell, all of these play an important role when it comes to Nike's strategy.

    The company has increased competition with Reebok, Addidas, and so forth. Since Nike has been around forever many have chosen to follow their path by striving to outdo them, but in reality have become just like them in the process. All of them heavily advertise their shoe in hopes that consumers will buy their product. This works well a lot of ...

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