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Nike Sports Advertising in the UK

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Explain how the topic is influenced by a epistemological perspective, such as research on target market and how advertising directs them in their choices to buy Nike instead of a competitor.

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The answer to this problem explains how market research data is used by advertisers. The references related to the answer are also included.

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Sport advertising by Nike in the UK is mainly directed at consumers who are interested in golf. Those who love football, cricket and rugby are also targeted. Nike sponsors important sport personalities and uses them in advertisements. In the past, they sponsored Oscar Pistorius and after he was arrested and charged with murder, he was removed from the advertisement. Later, Nike sponsored Rory McIlroy for a 10 year $250 million sponsorship deal. The purpose of Nike sport advertising in UK is to create an awareness of the Nike brand. When golf lovers see Rory McIlroy in the advertisements, the person in the target audience will develop a liking for Nike. From the perspective of epistemology, Nike does extensive market research into finding the weak spot in its target audience psyche to increase its sales. Nike exploits the insecurities in its target audience to market its products.

From the pure epistemological perspective, Nike obtains knowledge of its target audience from market research. It uses this information to identify customers problems. The justification is that Nike now has real evidence of the type of advertising that affect ...

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