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    Brand Equity and The Nike Brand

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    Chose (1) a product (good or service), (2) an organization, or (3) a person that seems to exhibit highly positive brand equity and include the following information in your analysis:

    1. Name and describe the brand.

    Concentrate on the brand, not the product. What is its physical appearance? How is it affixed to the product and/or packaging? How is it used in advertising?

    2. Explain why you believe the brand exhibits a strong degree of brand equity.

    Assess its brand awareness, perceived quality, brand associations, and brand loyalty citing objective evidence from your research as much as possible. You might also discuss how the brand "name" and "logo" stack up against the criteria for choosing brand elements (Table 8.2).

    3. Describe the activities taken to build that strong degree of brand equity.

    What did the organization do to create awareness, increase the perception of quality, associate the brand with positive images, and/or instill loyalty? Consider techniques it might have used for leveraging secondary associations and reinforcing the brand by marketing actions? Could it perhaps have benefited from a general brand strategy or use of either co-branding or ingredient branding? If the brand is part of a company's brand portfolio, what role does it play in that portfolio?

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    1. Nike. This brand is one of the most recognized brands in the world. It symbolizes performance, strength and power and has strong ties associated with successful athletes and key sports. Although Nike sells female merchandise, the brand feels distinctly male. Strong and athletic. A competitor, a winner. The logo (brand symbol) is proudly displayed on products whether shoes, shirts or bags, being most prominent on shoes.

    2. Nike has incredible equity with all customer segments. Much of the equity is driven through associations, partnerships and spokespersons. Some of the most popular and successful athletes (including the likes of Michael Jordan) and the most prominent sporting events (including the Olympics) have been associated with Nike. Many athletes have carried Nike's logo the moment they landed into sports history. In addition to celebrity athletes and sporting events, Nike has sponsored professional teams and collegiate teams. Nike has a high perceived quality. Nike is believed to make high quality ...

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    A examination of the exceptionally high brand equity of the Nike brand.