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    Marketing: Celebrity branding for NIKE

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    Select a big nationally or internationally-known brand that features advertising using a famous person or persons.

    PART 1: Research Background
    1. Research the selected brand (NIKE) using both its website and attached stories and links.

    What does the brand mean in today's market

    How has it evolved over time?

    What is the target market (s) for the brand? Has that changed from the past?

    How is the competition positioned?

    PART 2: Application

    Marketing is not all serious research involving scholarly, statistical and practitioner resources; it is also about trends, buzz, and pop culture of the day. Actors, models, musicians, athletes, and reality stars of the moment are hounded by the paparazzi. Their lives unfold in the media and many are seen wearing, carrying, eating, or driving a particular brand. For this section research in any media.

    What celebrities endorse Nike?

    Michael Jordon, Lebron James & Kobe Bryant Basketball, Tiger Woods Golf, Curt Schillings Baseball, Brett Farve Football, Michael Phelps Swimming, David Beckman Soccer, and Liu Xiang Track and Field.

    Why are they a good fit?

    And to what target market do they connect?

    What other famous characters could be connected to your brand. Explain why.

    What about the competition? Reebok, Puma, Adidas

    What kind of endorsers do they use?

    MUST include a reference list. All research should be cited in the body of the paper. In-text citations and corresponding references should be included in paper. Paper should be written in third person. The use of direct quotes is discouraged, but may be used sparingly in appropriate situations.

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    Brand Management of Nike

    Brand is something that is recognized as a sign, symbol and logo. Nike is known as sports among the people. This market research describes about the brand evolution of Nike. Target market of Nike has evolved from primarily male target market to women and kids also. There is a discussion of innovation, social marketing and transition of Nike. It also describes about the celebrities endorse Nike like sportspersons and athletes. This paper also depicts the connection between celebrities and brands. Apart from this, it also describes about the competitors of Nike that are Reebok, Puma and Adidas.


    Present time is the time of brand (Simmers, Damran-Martinez & Haytko, April 2009). Nowadays, people use to wear branded products. Brand features are becoming prominent part of marketing strategies. Organizations are formulating their branding strategies to create an enchanting brand (Kotler, 2003). Famous celebrities are used by the international organizations to entice the attention of buyers for the particular brand. Nike is a famous sportswear and equipment suppliers. Brand of the company has evolved in a profound manner.


    In today's market, brand is recognized as a status symbol. Brand is a product or service that has some differentiated dimensions in comparison to its competitors. Brand is considered as a symbol, sign or logo (Up and Running: Nike Customers are the secret behind increasing value 2009). In similar manner, Nike is known as a sportswear among the people. Nike is viewed as a sports brand in today's market. Brand image of Nike has developed due to its endeavors in sports related activities. Nike has developed its branding through the sportsmen that further nurtured its image as sports brand. As Nike is endorsed by famous figures of sports industry, so it is viewed as sport brand.

    Evolution of Brand

    Nike has evolved as sports brand in the market. Over the years, Nike has developed itself as an inspirational and innovative brand in the society (Simmers, Damran-Martinez & Haytko, April 2009). There are various aspects that have shaped the identity of Nike over the years. These are as follow:

    Image of Serious Brand: Over the years, Nike has developed as an outsider brand to a serious brand. For example, Nike Golf has earned recognition and respect in the market.

    Industry Leader: Transition of Nike has evolved from an industry seeking brand to an industry leader brand. Nike has become a brand of authentic performer.

    Innovative technology: Nike has evolved with the application of ...

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