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Celebrity Endorsement

Is celebrity endorsement worth the investment and potential risk associated? What products lend themselves to this type of marketing/ advertisement and which shouldn't even consider it? At what phase of the product lifecycle would celebrity endorsement make the most sense?

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A common marketing strategy, celebrity endorsement is the technique of featuring celebrities in mainstream advertising in the promotion of a product or service. The advertiser chooses personalities who possess characteristics and traits that the potential customers can associate themselves with. There are many good advantages that go with using celebrity endorsements. Studies have shown that customers prefer products and services endorsed by celebrities and other prominent personalities than those without. These personalities facilitate instant attention and awareness amidst this era of the proliferation of channel surfing, visual orientation which can easily grab people's time and focus. Their testimonies add strength to the integrity of a product or service. However, the use of celebrities as endorsers is a risky and an expensive investment. There may be benefits ...

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Celebrity endorsement defined and how it's worth the investment and risk associated with it. References are included.