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Products that proved harmful that celebrities have endorsed

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Celebrities often endorse products. How much responsibility do you think a celebrity endorser should bear if the product they promote turns out to be fraudulent, unsafe, or harmful in some way?

Think of an example of a celebrity endorsing a harmful or illegal product. Describe the example and explain why the celebrity should not be endorsing that product.

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The solution discusses products that proved harmful that celebrities have endorsed.

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The celebrity is being paid for their acting and endorsement in the same manner that they would be paid to act as a killer on a movie set. Basically the celebrity is only endorsing the product using the knowledge provided by the company while reading from a script. He or she is quintessentially doing what they do best, which is acting. Therefore, they bear no responsibility for negative consequences resulting from people buying the product based upon their endorsement. Celebrities are not privy to the research, medical complications, or benefits of the ...

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