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The readings above discussed brand and brand personality

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Read these articles:

Hagerty, James R. (2011 October 31). Harley, WIth Macho Intact, Tries To Court More Women. Wall Street Journal.

Johnson, Robert (2011 December 19). The Good Life: When Heaven Is a Harley: The 50-plus crowd is having a belated romance with motorcycles. Wall Street Journal.

Respond to each of the following directives and/or questions:

Assume that you are the newly hired product manager for the brand/product/good described in the articles. The VP of Marketing wants a report regarding how this product or service has been branded.

Rather than write an essay, write a memo to the VP of Marketing that answers the following questions. Do not include extraneous information (such as day the company was founded). The VP is busy! S/he wants a memo that's easy to read and logical.

(1) The readings above discussed brand and brand personality. Based on those readings:

What is the personality of the branded product? One way to answer this question is to ask, "If this brand were a person what would it look like? Would it be a tall man in a conservative suit and tie? A young girl in a suggestive outfit? What music relates to your brand?
Remember that the brand personality is not the same as the target market's personality. If you're not clear, review the readings.
Would the brand be...
i. ...singing and/or dancing?"
ii. ...walking?
iii. ...sitting?
Explain why you believe this personality represents the brand.

(2) How do you characterize the brand and why? (Refer to above articles.)

Is the brand like an old friend?
A demanding boss?
A friend you've outgrown?
A funny younger sister?
Or ...

(3) Review the above articles to answer these questions.

How do consumers relate to the brand?
Do they feel loyal?
What emotions are involved?

(4) Is there a good fit between the brand personality and the target personality discussed in Module 1 (younger market targeted) Why or why not?

(5) Based on the assigned articles, does it make sense for this company to use celebrities to brand the company or for a particular product? What ONE celebrity might this company use and why? Based on the "Teakettle" article, what are the pros and cons of using celebrities to brand a company/product?

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The solution discusses strategic marketing including brand and brand personality.

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Please find guidelines and ideas for Brand Personality of Harley in the attached file.

To: Marketing VP
From: Product Manager
Date: January 07, 2011
Subject: Brand Personality
Brand Personality
The brand name is Harley and the personality of Harley is more like big, powerful hogs as it made for muscular man. The motorcycles are not too huge but designed to ride with full comfort (Johnson, 2011). Harley also designs motorcycle for women, which is made at women comfort like lower seats but its weight 550 pounds because Harley do not want to power down its image of huge, powerful motorbikes. Harley's women segment made for huge personally women but due to some of features; it can be easily ride by tiny women as well. Rock & Techno music preferred for Harley to represent its hard and innovative design to market (Hagerty, 2011).
Characterization of Brand
Harley motorcycles are characterized with buddies; it gives a feeling to ride with buddy due to structure. The introduction of three-wheeler motorbikes is like a friend for those who have lost some their muscle, tone and sense of balance (Hagerty, 2011). Harley takes care of everyone and makes riders feel free, while riding the bike. It gives free-spirit sort of feeling to riders, so riders can ride it anywhere without any fear. Harley also represents adventurous image with the slider structure down to up. Overall, comfortable and innovative structure of Harley gives rocking and friendly feeling to rider (Johnson, 2011).
Relativity with Brand
Consumer can relate to the brand like Harley with the muscular image and comfortable design. The design for each motorbike is contrived with different type of people. It designed a motorcycle for women as it represents elegant structure that make women feel free to ride. Harley relates its products with young adult to represent macho feeling among them. Through macho intact in lower price segment succeed to attract more adult. ...

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