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Branding and Positioning Strategies

Address the following Issues for MatsSoft and Apple
1. How do consumers relate to this brand?
2. Do they feel loyal?
3. What emotions are involved?

(1) Briefly describe the branding and positioning strategies of Apple and MatsSoft.
(2) How would you describe the brand personalities of Apple and MatsSoft. Explain why you believe the personality represents each brand.
(3) What are the similarities between two branding efforts? What are the differences?
(4) If you are a brand manager, what can you learn from these two cases?

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Step 1
Consumers relate to MatsSoft as a company that makes workplace software that is user-friendly. Consumers are familiar with the brand and feel that the company must be reputed. The consumers have understood that MatsSoft software is approachable and appealing.
Consumers relate to Apple as a company that delivers innovative and very high quality products. Consumers feel that Apple delivers products that have excellent interfaces with the consumers. Consumers relate to Apple on an emotional level. It fires their passion, hopes, and dreams.
Step 2
The customers of MatsSoft feel loyal. They have been receiving regular communication from the company. In addition, the customers have seen the company exhibitions, public relations campaigns, handouts, posters, videos, and presentations. The reminder emails received by customers has made them more loyal.
The customers of Apple are very loyal. They have used Apple products in the past such as the iPod, the iPad, and the iPhone and now want to use the latest product of Apple. ...

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