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    Positioning and Branding of Philips and Apple Inc.

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    The discussion of product management and branding may best be illustrated by comparing an iconic brand Apple, and another successful brand Philips.

    Brand repositioning and communications A Philips case study. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://businesscasestudies.co.uk/philips/brand-repositioning-and-communications/research.html#axzz2vnpaANaW

    Apple's branding strategy. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.marketingminds.com.au/apple_branding_strategy.html

    Use following websites for reference about each company and their products and services.

    Company profile. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.usa.philips.com/about/company/index.page

    Apple info. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.apple.com/about/

    Review this article on brand personality:

    Fournier, S. (1998). Consumers and their brands: Developing relationship theory in consumer research. Journal of Consumer Research, 24 (4), 343-72.

    How do consumers relate to this brand?
    Do they feel loyal?
    What emotions are involved?

    Look at the two branding cases above: Philips and Apple, as well as the brand personality article. Supplemented with any other articles relevant to these two brands, address the following issues:
    Describe briefly the branding and positioning strategies of Apple and Philips. Do they build brand loyalty? If so, what emotions are involved?
    How would you describe the brand personalities of Apple and Philips? Explain why you believe the personality represents each brand.
    What are the similarities between the two branding efforts? What are the differences?
    If you are a brand manager, what can you learn from these two cases?

    Include citations to references

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    How to handle quoted and paraphrased material are found at:

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    Avoid the following logical fallacies:

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    Branding and Positioning
    Philips is a reliable company for consumers. They believe that the company is true to its words as its products "make their life better". The characteristic most valued by consumers is that the company always tries to develop new and exciting products which carry high quality. As a result consumers are very loyal, especially affluent and educated ones.
    Apple Inc. competes in highly competitive markets by offering range of products and services. It is a brand with which consumers connect emotionally. They are possessive about their Apple possessions, be it iPad, Mac, or iPhone. Apple transformed the way devices were used by giving consumers exceptional experience through user friendly interfaces. The distinctive feature of Apple remains its ease of use and simple use.
    Branding and Positioning Strategies
    The vision of Philips is to produce products that always put customers first. For this they need to understand what do people need. The new brand positioning strategy of Philips is all about making lives of customers more comfortable through technology solution that is easier to adopt. Philips has based its new position on three pillars ("A Philips case study", n.d):
    • Products designed around you
    • Products are easy to experience
    • Products are advanced
    All these activities are driven by insights into how customers want to experience benefits ...

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