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    Describe the process that Coca Cola uses to build its brand

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    Describe the process that Coca Cola uses to build its brand. Include possible reasons why the company has or has not been successful in establishing its brand.

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    Coca-Cola Branding Process

    Coca-Cola is well known company and has an international recognition in the management of its brand. From the time of its inception, the company has developed an effective brand image diffused with added values and benefits that are far more than just a refreshing soft drink. Coca-brand is regarded as traditional, loyal, sociable and American (Slater, 2001). The history of company's brand is quite old from the late 1880s but till now its basic brand proposition, brand name and brand logo has remained unaltered. This strategy of the company has assisted it significantly in attaining an international brand image as well as loyal customer base.

    In accordance to its, basic brand proposition, Coca-Cola is an enjoyable and energizing beverage. Earlier, the company adopted an effective franchise for building its brand with the creation of a distinguishing personality that helped it in appealing consumers emotionally. As well, ...

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