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    Brand recognition for Coca-Cola Advertising

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    1. Choose an example of a brand whose advertising can be used globally without making big changes in the ad campaign. Explain why it works. (Close to standardized advertising)

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    A great example of this would be Coca-Cola Company. Their drinks are marketed worldwide with essentially the same image. The only difference for the most part would be the labeling ensuring the language is updated and that the information given is suitable to that county's requirements. Essentially, Coca-Cola can make an advertisement that shows someone enjoying the refreshing drink, and the brand is so strong, that consumers around the world would know exactly what the drink is by its recognizable image and trademark insignia. The company merely needs to update the language, all appropriately of course, in order to convey whatever the general message is. Coca-Cola used to use the slogan "Coke Is It," and that can easily be translated internationally (Holstein, 2011).

    The reason that Coca-Cola can successfully is because of the strength of their brand. The ...

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    How Coca-Cola advertising can be used globally without making big changes in the ad campaign. Explanation of why it works.