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Coca Cola Branding Strategy

Select a large company that has created a strong product identity in the market (for example Coca-Cola, Tide Detergent, or Crest Toothpaste). What branding strategies has the company used to create their product identity? Provide examples and explain your reasoning.

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//Before having a knowledge of the products of the company, it is better to understand the brand strategy of the company. The market position of the company can be analyzed with this discussion. In this series, the brand strategy of the company is discussed. //

Coca Cola Branding Strategy:

Coca Cola
Branding is a major issue in product strategy. (Kotler, 2002) Coca cola is well-known brand which commands a price premium. Coca cola has built a huge brand-loyal market as for instance, Coca Cola Classic (a pack of six) can be sold for $ 2.50. Where as some other store brand, which is identical to Coca Cola in its ingredients, gets only $1 for a six-pack. Consumers do not mind paying ...

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