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Coca-Cola's Market Strategy

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1) Discuss the effectiveness of The Coca-Cola Company's strategy in the light of its internal strengths and weaknesses, and external threats and opportunities.

2) Has the company created any sustained competitive advantages?

3) Identify any unaddressed threats or missed opportunities.

4) What can The Coca-Cola Company do to build on its strengths and shore up its weaknesses by altering its strategic choices?

5) Comment on how your view of The Coca-Cola Company's vision and mission has changed or has been reconfirmed by this process of strategic analysis. Would you make any suggestions to revise the strategy, mission or vision?

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1) Discuss the effectiveness of The Coca-Cola Company's strategy in the light of its internal strengths and weaknesses, and external threats and opportunities.

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Coca Cola's strategy of "think global, act local" has been very effective over the years because this strategy allowed the company to expand globally and acquire leadership position in the non-alcoholic beverage market, as well as compete successfully against players like Pepsi. Coca Cola's marketing strategy has made the it the most valuable brand across the globe. The company's strategy of pursuing local growth opportunities in different emerging markets across the world by customizing the strategy in terms of product offerings, advertisement, marketing and promotions strategy aimed at capitalizing the key strengths of the company in terms of strong brand recognition, distribution presence across the globe, strong product portfolio and very efficient and strong supply chain management system across the globe.

The company has been able to successfully compete against threats from arch rivals like Pepsi and other smaller beverage players in different markets by pursuing localization strategies. Although the company's success has not been high in emerging segments like functional or health oriented beverages, the company is trying hard to make a ...

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