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Coca Cola - Competitive and Marketing Analysis

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Based on Coca Cola's recent annual report:

4. Conduct a competitive and marketing analysis of the organization to determine strengths and opportunities for Coca Cola.
5. Apply the appropriate strategy (low cost, differentiation, or niche) that will maximize the Coca Cola organization's return to shareholders. Provide a detailed rationale for the reason you chose this strategy and state the expected outcome(s).

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This detailed solution is based on The Coca-Cola Company's recent annual report and conducts a marketing analysis of the company to determine strengths and weaknesses. It also provides rationale for applying an appropriate strategy to maximize the organizations return to shareholders. APA references are included.

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4. Coca-Cola has many strengths. It is the world's largest beverage company. The company recently celebrated its 125th anniversary and is lauded as one of the most recognizable and respected brands in the world. The company has definite competitive strengths. In 2011, the company increased sparkling volume 4 percent and still volume 8 percent. Overall, they increased operating income by $1.7 billion. Across the world, the company gained market share in almost every nonalcoholic beverage category (Coca-Cola, 2012) and increased its market share. The Brand Coca-Cola grew 3 percent. The company has 15 company-owned billion-dollar brands. They are the number one provider of sparkling beverages, juices, juice drinks, and ready to drink coffees. They are the second largest provider of sports drinks and packaged water, and the third largest provider of energy drinks. Furthermore, the company was more productive, realizing savings in excess of $500 million. In short, case volume was up, net operating revenues increased, operating income increased, and operating cash flow increased.

The company has a share of 40 percent of the industry, and continues to dominate the market, dividing its business among countries around the world. The estimated brand value of Coca-Cola continues to increase. Coca-Cola is ranked number six on Fortune magazine's list of ...

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