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    Brand Advertising Case Study - Coca Cola

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    Brand Advertising Case Study: Look at 20+ ads from Coca Cola, and systematically analyse
    how these ads have changed over the years. Make use of theory from at least 5-7 articles and/or books.

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    In the analysis, the Coca Cola very first ads printed in 1889 indicated a classical and historical element to introducing the targeted demographic of the product (ColdScoop.com, 2011). The main concept is reflecting towards the actual time period of the late 1800s for recapturing the glamour of the new soft drink product. Thus, the main objective is to connect the beginning of the soft drink to the lasting impression over the years up to current time. The print ads in 1880s demonstrated a more traditional and classic style with female models dressed up in stylist attire to emphasize a new product. Keep in mind, the visualization concept is vital in any marketing initiative as in Coca-Cola ads for connecting with the "then" targeted demographic audience within the general public.

    Try and connect the years following the late 1880s influential change to connect with a younger generation as the 1900s entered a newer way to attract core demographics. Basically, the core demographic changed with time and thereby the Coca Cola marketing ads had to reflect a newer concept that more within line with trends. In reference, the Coca Cola marketing ads honed on a more sensational and visual component during the 19th century that imposes more female models during the 1920s up to 1940s (ColdScoop.com, 2011). The main objective in the 19th century by Coca-Cola honed on living more freely as in the ad indicated with the woman on the beach and the imagery to suggest a freedom to decide on by a yes or no.

    Aim in relating the Coca-Cola poster ads with an element of introduction, inspiration, and value to the brand taste as well as affordability. In the marketing ads, the company is proactive in delivering a short but long-term effective ...

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