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Coke Zero

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1st page (case study analysis) must have feedback at every level

* must be done in Chicago format
* must sight references
* cliff notes

2nd, 3rd, and 4th page
Infomation on coke zero

5rd page

Four questions that must also be answered and included after first page is completed (case study analysis).

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Political forces that affect Coca-Cola Company are reasonably favorable. The tax policies are moderate, the environmental regulations do not strongly impact Coca-Cola Company or its products, and the international trade restrictions are declining. Overall there is political stability. There is continuing economic weakness in the economy, however, signs of recovery are being observed and this will help improve the growth of Coca-Cola Company. There is moderate stability in international exchange rates and the inflation rate in most countries where Coca-Cola Company operates is moderate. The social factors are that there is increasing health consciousness and this is likely to favor products like Coke Zero. The age distribution in group 18-34 is high and this segment should be targeted by Coca-Cola Company. There is emphasis on safety and so there is a tendency to avoid sugary drinks. Technology can help Coca-Cola Company innovate and develop new low calorie drinks that appeal to the tastes of the young people.


The strength of Coca-Cola Company is its brand recognition all over the world. Currently there are more than 500 brands in over 200 countries. This vast presence gives the Coca-Cola Company strength in distribution, marketing, advertising, management, and financial strength. The weakness of Coca-Cola Company is that its flagship brand Coca-Cola Classic is being perceived as unhealthy, full of calories, and a leading cause of obesity. The opportunities for Coca-Cola Company lie in developing and marketing products that are targeted at health conscious customers. If Coca-Cola Company is able to reposition its products as healthy, then opportunities lie in every segment of the company.


The mission of Coca-Cola Company is to refresh the ...

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