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    Coca-Cola Advertising

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    What do you or I or anyone need to be informed about regarding Coke?

    Personally, as a card-carrying member of the Human Race since the 60's, I am as informed as I will ever need to be about Coke.

    Coke mass-markets, so there is no new or targeted market to entice.

    There is probably not a sole in the world who does not recognize Coke, and, if there were, it would likely be a very, very small number, not big enough to justify the massive dollars that Coke spends on advertising.

    So, why does Coke advertise?

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    Coca-cola advertising started with print ads in newspapers then later on, it went to try its effectivity with television under the leadership of Wiliam D'Arcy for 50 years. McCann-Erickson continued with advertising Coke and started with the launch of two campaign, during the 1950s. It used television to promote Coke with its "The Sign of Good Taste" and "Be Really Refreshed". The advertising company has used a different formats such as stop motion, animation, live-action ads. It has also featured some of the best performers such as the McGuire Sisters, Anita Bryant, and Brothers Four. McCann has created a campaign that has given worldwide appeal because of the effectivity of the words, music and singer of "Things Go Better with Coke". It was also made culturally understandable and appealing when it has translated the song into almost any language which allowed for the Coke slogan to be delivered throughout ...

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    The solution discusses about the history of Coke's advertising campaign and the reasons why Coke advertises. References are included.