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    Promotional mix

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    Most promotional strategies have several elements to what is called the "promotional mix," which may include various forms of advertising, public relations, sales promotion, product placement, packaging, and personal selling.
    Choose a product and discuss the promotional strategy for this product.
    What do you think are its objectives?
    Which of the elements identified above are included? (Cite some examples from internet sources - print media and sponsor's websites, YouTube, or articles in the trade or business press.)
    In your judgment, is the strategy effective or not based on the objectives that you identified? Explain.

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    Product: Coca-Cola sodas

    The promotional strategy for Coca-Cola sodas is to create a long-term, highly visible brand image for the product as a fun, affordable drink that everyone can enjoy. The objectives of the promotional strategy are to make the product acceptable to everyone worldwide, and to ensure that the Coca-Cola brand is first and foremost in the consumers' minds when the consumer is selecting a beverage.

    Coca-Cola has employed a wide variety in its promotional mix, from advertising during the Super Bowl events, to associating itself with large chains such as McDonald's. Consider the ...

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