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Designing promotional strategies using the tools in your promotion mix

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You are the marketing manager for a major airline. How would you vary the emphasis
among the tools in your promotion mix when designing promotional strategies for:

Individual travelers who travel for pleasure, and
Corporate travel departments that select the airlines to be used by company employees
when they travel for business?

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The solution looks at designing promotional strategies using the tools in a promotion mix.

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The question wants you to design a promotional mix for a major airlines from the perspective of a marketing manager. You are supposed to design two promotional mixes, one for the individual traveler who is traveling for pleasure and the other for the corporate travel departments that selects departments for the company employees.

Given below is a template to help you answer the questions.

Individual Travelers who travel for pleasure.
1. Offer discounts in the off-season.
2. Advertise in holiday magazines, brochures and T.V. programs.
3. Offer extra facilities including special seats for children who are traveling.
4. Offer tempting and filling ...

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