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    Promotion Strategies for the Marketing Mix

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    Assume that you are the newly hired promotion manager for Burberry and that the VP of Marketing wants you to prepare a report on how the designer's/brand's product/good is currently marketed and to begin to think about what changes, if any, you might want to see made in the promotion of that designer's/brand's products/goods.

    What promotion makes the designer's/brand's products different from its competitors?
    Defend your position.

    In terms of product/good marketing, how would you change the promotion mix?
    Defend your position.

    In terms of product/good marketing, how would you change the advertising mix?
    Defend your position.

    The Situation

    You have to learn the promotion channels your designer/brand currently uses vis a vis the promotion channels used by competitors and recommend changes in that mix.

    You have to learn the advertising media your designer/brand currently uses vis a vis the advertising media used by competitors and recommend changes in that mix.

    In preparing your CASE4, ensure that you demonstrate your learning of the marketing concepts and frameworks for analysis outlined in the modular learning objectives by using and referencing the background and case material.

    1. Identify factors that influence the promotional mix of a product/service.

    2. Evaluate the promotional strategy for a brand.

    In CASE4, as stated in the background readings, since the promotion mix (among other activities) includes advertising, personal selling, and sale promotion AND the advertising mix includes print media, TV, radio, and newer forms of communication such as e-media; your job is to consider changes at two levels: changes in promotion and changes in advertising. Defend your positions on any and all of the issues you tackle.

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    Marketing Mix

    Burberry operates its business around the world in the area of different luxury products including non-apparels and apparels such as raincoats, begs, biscuits, women wear, men wear and children wear etc. In addition, the organization competes with different global luxury conglomerates such as Emporio Armani, Just Cavalli, Miu Miu, and D&G etc.
    In this paper, the position of Burberry will be explored in terms of optimization of promotional strategies as compared to its competitors. In this paper, different promotional and advertisement mix used by Burberry would be represented with the comparison of its competitors.
    Differentiation in Promotion
    In the organizational effectiveness, promotion plays a vital role as it assists to increase organizational sales and profitability through product/brand awareness and also helps to educate the society (Pride & Ferrell 2010). Promotion can be defined as an element of marketing mix that is used to publicize an organization, product/ brand for the purpose of enhancing awareness among target audience and to increase organizational sales and profitability (Botha, Strydom & Brink 2005).
    In case of Burberry, promotion strategies of the organization is different from its competitors as the organization uses electronic media like TV ads for promoting organizational products, whereas several competitors such as Miu Miu, and Just Cavalli do not concentrate to optimize electronic media (Pearce 2002). It is the unique promotion that is used by Burberry to reach on target audience of the organization. It assists the organization to cover large number of target audience that leads to increase awareness among them (Boone & Kurtz 2011). In addition, the organization also has its presence on FM & radio for promoting organizational products, whereas other competitors like D&G and Emporio Armani do not concentrate on FM & radio as promotional tool. It leads to increase awareness about organizational products and brands among society members by covering people that prefer conspicuous consumption and luxury items.
    Despite of this, the organization does not use direct marketing as a tool of promotion, whereas Emporio Armani interacts with its customers directly (Burberry 2010; Pride & Ferrell 2010). In addition, Burberry optimizes online media, public relations, coupons, discounts etc. to promote organizational product/brand as similar to its competitors (Burberry 2010; Moore & Birtwistle 2004). It has assisted to increase organizational sales and revenue for organizational sustainability.
    Changes in Promotion Mix
    The organization provides luxury products with different product lines in various countries such as biscuits in UK, watches in ...

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