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    B2B and B2C marketing mix

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    In 300 words explain:

    * - How would you develop the marketing mix for a B2B project?
    * - How would you develop the marketing mix for a B2C project?

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    Running Head: MARKETING MIX

    B2B & B2C Marketing Mix

    Marketing Mix for a B2B Project
    Business to business project is one that involves commerce transaction from one business to another business. B2B marketing mix involves similar 4P's i.e. Price, Place, Product, and Promotion of marketing but in different manner in comparison to B2C marketing mix.
    Pricing of B2B product is very different from B2C as it depends on the buyer and volume of the sale (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2005). Place i.e. B2B project distribution strategies' is done thoroughly mainly wholesalers, and agents. ...

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