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    EBUS 400 7: Explain how ethical, legal, and regulatory issues differ on a B2C site compared to a B2B site?

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    Explain how ethical, legal, and regulatory issues differ on a B2C site compared to a B2B site?

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    The University of California states, "Part of marketing is identifying the mix of "Ps" that make your service unique... The next step is to shape your marketing mix and position its components to create a unique identity for your business that attracts and retains customers. Your market position is one or more selected benefits or features that make your operation unique and different" (UCDavis, agricultural tourism, n.d.). This is true for both business-to-consumer marketing and business-to-business marketing. Both are concerned with creating strategies to promote their businesses, reputations, brands, and sales. However, some differences do exist between the two as indicated by the following.
    B2C Marketing
    Business-to-consumer marketing focuses on promoting a business or brand and selling a product to the end-user. The consumer determines the value of the product or service. Organizations engaged in B2C marketing typically try to identify customers based on some sort of criteria, and group those customers into segments which allow them to focus on a large group of similar consumers. Once segments have been identified, marketing campaigns can be tailored to the specific needs within each segment. Choices made by consumers tend to be more emotional than choices made by businesses, and therefore brand identification and reputation are extremely important.
    The Internet provides many opportunities for targeted marketing within segments. For example, job seekers visiting employment websites find promotional material for resume services, employment search services, and even various universities and technical institutes to further their education. These types of promotion material would not experience the same sort of impact if placed on a sports website, for example.
    B2C Marketing Example
    Much of B2C marketing focuses on goods and services rather than individual customer needs and is therefore product based. However, Amazon.com is a prime example of a B2C site that has been able to focus on both product and customer based marketing strategies.
    Amazon.com's Internet marketing strategy involves sponsoring searches, advertising on various websites and portals, and ...

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