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Promotional Planning for Competitive Advantage

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The questions posted by the student were:
You are the promotions manager for a new weight-loss program that is based on a low-carbohydrate diet. Describe how you might use all four tools of the promotional mix to promote the product.

List the four stages of the product life cycle. Then describe the promotional strategies used in each stage.

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This solution addresses two questions related to promotion of a new weight-loss program. The four tools of a promotional mix are used with examples in personal selling, advertising, consumer promotion and public relations. The second part defines the four stages of a product life cycle: introduction, growth, maturity and decline. The solution is about 400 words and includes two references.

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1. The four tools in the promotional mix include: personal selling, advertising, consumer promotion and public relations (reference below). To market and sell a new weight-loss program, all four tools can be utilized. For personal selling, the organization should employ salespeople that target audiences to "house" the product, such as exercise gyms, sports arenas, and even vitamin or nutritional supplement stores. By having salespeople target venues where consumers of this product are likely to shop will help to create visibility of the program. Advertising is a "traditional" means of promotion; using print, television, radio and particularly social media, where most consumers ...

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