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    Total Quality Model

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    Select a TQM or methodology from the list below. Assume that you are an expert on the selected TQ model/method. Prepare a 1,000-1,500 word paper defending your selected TQM model/method in which you identify a specific TQ model/method and present it to your organization's leadership so that they can incorporate it into the organization's strategic planning process. I am a restaurant/bar owner with another business partner.

    a. Continuous quality improvement (CQI)
    b. international organization for Standards (ISO 9000 and 14000)
    c. Value chain analysis
    d. Six Sigma
    e. Lean manufacturing, or service
    f. Theory of constraints

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    // Before focusing on the other sections of the paper; it is essential to understand the concept of 'total quality management'. This will help in enhancing your knowledge about the concept and will further help in successfully proceeding with the paper. This is an introductory part of the paper, which explains total quality management: //


    TQM stands for Total Quality Management and it deals with managing the total quality. This management approach was originated in 1950's and it has been gaining popularity since early 1980's. Total Quality represents the culture & attitude of a company which seeks to satisfy its customers by providing them quality products and services. In order to implement successful Total Quality Management, a company must be having a combination of teamwork, leadership, integrity, ethics, trust, communication, training and recognition (A Guide to the Eight Elements of TQM, 2008).

    There are several methodologies of TQM such as Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), International Organizations for Standards (ISO 9000 & 14000), Value Chain Analysis, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing or Service, Theory of constraints, etc. Using a comprehensive & structured approach of TQM, an organization seeks to improve the quality of its products & services. Today, TQM can be implemented in almost all types of organizations. In this paper, I am going to select Value Chain Analysis as one of the TQ model or method.

    // After discussing the introductory part of the paper; this section will describe about the total quality management methodology that should be used by the restaurant owner. It will provide knowledge about the value chain methodology, which is a very useful concept in the field of TQM: //

    Value Chain Analysis

    The concept of Value Chain was given by Michael E. Porter in his book Competitive Advantage. Value Chain Analysis enables a company to understand and organize its business activities systematically which further assists it in developing the competitive advantage. It involves a series of activities through which a product passes in its production process. Value Chain Analysis assists the companies to identify the ways by which they can create & maximize value for their customers. It enables the company to identify its core ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1385 words with references.