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TQM Planning Strategies in Contracting

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Imagine your company is being used to subcontract the management of a project. However, you find that you must first convince the contracting company that your company is worthy of the position. Design a plan that centers on TQM and the contracting company's increasing concern for a quality product. Be sure to address at least the following concerns below:

1. What precautions are being implemented to ensure a quality project?
2. How do you plan on ensuring stakeholder satisfaction?
3. What methods of quality assurance do you offer?
4. Do you offer quality control, if so how is it implemented?

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Businesses utilize total quality management for strategic application in planning effectively through tools that sustain high quality standards. In doing so, the actual completed project is met based on set quality standards for ensuring a dependable highly valued product. When subtracting some project elements, the implementation of quality measures are essential to satisfying every stakeholder to the end product core beneficial output. Thus, the company establishing a total quality management program reinforces the core objective of producing a high quality product.

Let's take a look at how a company implements a total quality management program:

1. What precautions are being implemented to ensure a quality project?

Keep in mind, the question above provides a means to creating a design plan for a TQM that will address subcontractors' quality concerns that will not result in a bad product.

The company utilizes an internal quality program that focuses on the organizational, process, and performer level in reaching targeted goals. Therefore, the noted precautions are ...

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The analysis in TQM planning intiative to improvin the formality of contracting and subcontracting projects. In designing TQM model, the management team is more adapted to variety of quality organizations protocols for proficiency.

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