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Dealing With Competitive Challenges

How can Target Corporation take its current situation and build its organizational capabilities to meet the competitive challenges of the marketplace?

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Use of competitive intelligence

The objective of competitive intelligence is not to steal a competitors trade secrets or other proprietary property, but rather to gather in a systematic overt (legal) manner a wide range of information that when collated and analyzed provides a fuller understanding of a competitor firm's structure, culture, behavior, capabilities and weaknesses.


Target can use it to analyze the market and what its competitors like Walmart, Tesco,Sears etc are doing or planning doing in it in the near future. This will allow management to make key decisions according to the changes which is happening in the market place.
I will also suggest the measurement of customer satisfaction:

Most emerging approaches to the measurement of overall productivity and management results agree on the importance of customer capital, as expressed in sales, satisfaction and reputation. The higher the innovative and service component, the more the customer becomes part of the performance equation. Customer feedback helps ...

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The solution discusses the competitive challenges for Target Corporation.