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Business Strategy: Kaiser Permanente Corporation

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Using the library, Internet, and other resources to research the topic: strategic management.

There are many management strategies. Research the following strategies and report on how they relate to the Kaiser Permanente Corporation.

1. Functional strategies
2. Competitive strategies
3. Corporate strategies

Conclusion should summarize 2 to 3 key points and describe how strategic management impacts Kaiser Permanete.

All resources should be cited in APA format and listed on the References page.

Objective: Identify challenges in strategy implementation.
Create strategies and potential strategic alternatives for different situations.

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Kaiser Permanente Corporations are examined for business strategies.

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Kaiser Permanente Corporation: Business Strategy

Kaiser Permanente Corporation is the leading not-for-profit managed health care company. The company is situated in the U.S. and it serves in 9 states and the District of Columbia with approximately 8.3 million members. The corporation is an incorporated health delivery system that forms and supplies or ordinates members' care, involving preventive care like well-baby and prenatal care, immunizations, and screening diagnostics; pharmacy service and hospital and medical services (Kaiser Permanente, 2010). The company operates with three substantial operating divisions that are as follows:
? Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
? Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and their subsidiaries
? The Permanente Medical Groups (Our Business Structure, 2010).

The company's mission is to offer high-quality, reasonable health care services to enhance the health of its members and the communities it serve (Kaiser Permanente, 2010).

Management Strategies and Kaiser Permanente Corporation
Management strategies differ in their functions and use and assist organizations in their business and process management. The Kaiser Permanente Corporation also makes use of different management strategies for the management of their different business operating divisions and processes (Wilson & Gilligan, 2005). The different management strategies have been used by the company for managing their different business aspects. Subsequent are the various management strategies' that relate to the company in some specific manner:

Functional Strategies:
These strategies relates to the Kaiser Permanente Corporation in concern to ...

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