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Kaiser Permanente Website for the 'Thrive' Ad Campaign

Use the Internet to locate the Kaiser Permanente website. Search for the "thrive" ad campaign. In your opinion, please respond in APA style how is Kaiser Permanente differentiating itself from its competitors?

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The 'Thrive' Ad Campaign:

Every institution which has the vision of serving a large number of customers and generating high amounts of revenue has a unique way of enhancing their competitive environment to ensure that they perform better and generate even higher revenues compared to their competitors within the industry. This is also the situation when it comes to the health care industry where Kaiser Permanente makes use of different techniques with aim of outdoing its competitors in the industry such as Wellpoint Inc and Unitedhealthgroup Inc. among others (Strandberg-Larsen, Schiøtz, Silver, Frølich, Andersen, Graetz & ... Hsu, 2010).

Looking at the 'thrive' ad campaign, Kaiser Permanente differentiates itself from its competitors in a number of ways which are hereby discussed. Looking at how Kaiser Permanente utilizes the community with an aim of outdoing its competitors, Kaiser Permanente has the capability of providing the community as a whole with health benefits which are going to make it easier for them to utilize the health care plans available without making them feel over exploited having in mind that the costs of health care are known to be high especially in countries such as in America.

In addition, the health benefit that Kaiser Permanente ...

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