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Marketing Campaigns: Appeals, Strategies, & Execution

Consider the industry in which you are currently or were formerly employed. Identify at least two recent marketing campaigns from that or similar industries and explain them in terms of types of appeals, marketing strategies, and execution frameworks.

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I work in the health and wellness industry. One of the most successful campaigns currently being run is by Kaiser Permanente on both television (http://xnet.kp.org/newscenter/aboutkp/ourads.html) and radio (http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/kaiser-permanente-health-health/id300691229). They are appealing for many reasons: they focus on health and wellness but in a positive fashion. The first television advertisement on the link shows apples raining down, and a man enjoying an apple. Then, showers of beach balls are shown in the city, with a picture of a family playing with the ball. The tag line is "Expect Showers. Enjoy. Thrive". The purpose is for consumers to eat well, and play, participating in healthy activities. Another advertisement talks about the importance of cooking, evoking memories of the listeners' mother's cooking, the joy of creation, the pleasure of sitting down for a meal with friends. The purpose is to steer the listener/viewer to enjoy healthy lifestyle activities but the messages are so overwhelming positive, simple, and powerful that they reel the listener in and ...

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This solution outlines two recent marketing campaigns and explains them in terms of appeals, marketing strategies, and execution frameworks. It includes links and examples.