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Public Health and Health Marketing Campaigns

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Critique a specific CDC health marketing campaign and provide an overview of the important campaign components. How does this campaign appeal to the audience? Which communication theory is used? Which communication variable is used? Is this campaign effective & why, if so?

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Public health and health marketing campaigns are examined. How campaign appeals to the audience is determined.

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Public Health and Health Marketing Campaigns:

The public Marketing campaigns that are used in the organizations are aimed at informing the public on a specific cause. The selected CDC health marketing campaign is about the 'get smart campaign'. The campaign is aimed at generating public awareness on the common clinical problems of the antimicrobial resistance among the respiratory pathogens to the clients of the organization. Through this, the company is aimed at increasing the appropriate use of the antibiotics in the community members. It is paramount that the marketing campaigns should address the needs that are in the society. The major components of the campaign that have been included in the CDC marketing campaigns are inclusive of the following; Segmentation and the stating of the marketing goals and measures that have been placed to be attained by the marketing campaigns.

The segmentation component has been attained by the marketing campaign since it has stated the audience for the campaigns who are patients and service providers. The marketing goals for marketing have also been stated as to reduce the rate of antibiotic resistance (7 Key, 2012).

The Appeal of the Campaign to the Audience:

The campaign of the organization is aimed at ensuring that the audience reduces the rate at which they utilize the antibiotics. This is aimed at reducing the rates of the upper respiratory infections that is said to account to three quarter of all the antibiotics that are ...

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