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Health Education and the 4Ps of Social Marketing

(added) Research and analyze a current public health public service announcement (PSA).
Identify the 4Ps of social marketing in the campaign and discuss the appropriateness of this campaign in addressing the health concerns of the target group.

In your opinion, what affect do local and global health education campaigns have in changing health behaviors?

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Ok, since your class didn't specify a PSA, I will use women's heart health for an example. This may not be specific enough, but we'll work through it, since there are multiple campaigns in this topic. I'm going to use the "Go Red for Women" campaign.

You have probably learned about the 4Ps, which are product, price, place, and promotion. The majority of products in this campaign are centered on education. Teaching women health dietary and exercise choices for better heart health. Many studies indicate that education is important to encourage behavior change. You "can't fix it if you don't know it's broken," right? The American Heart Association (AMS) has an entire site dedicated to the Go Red for Women campaign.

On the national level, you probably won't find many programs that fit into the "price" category of the 4Ps. You might find some ...

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This solution uses a common health campaign to discuss the 4Ps of social marketing, as well as a short discussion on global health.