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4Ps of a Purchase and How Globalization Affects Marketing

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1. Select a purchase you have made recently and describe how each of the 4Ps — product, price, promotion, and place distribution — influenced the purchasing decision.

2. What is the impact of macro trends, such as the globalization of businesses, international migration, and conservationism, on consumer behavior? How will these trends affect the marketing of selected goods or services in the future?

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1. I recently purchased a new vacuum system for my house. The product was a little different. It does not use filters for the vacuum, instead it uses water to hold and prevent dust from escaping the vent when in use. I like the use of water, making it easier to clean and I do not have to keep replacing a filter or bag. The price was a little high, but I will save on bags and filters, which can be costly, especially since I have to change them often. I have long haired pets. The promotion included a complete demonstration, including some suggestions of mine. The place ...

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The expert provides an example of the 4 Ps - product, price, promotion and place distribution - influencing their decision to buy a new type of vacuum cleaner as well as giving 2 ways companies will have to change their customer-orientated strategies to cope with globalization. 400 words.

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