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    Resources for Marketing Principles

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    I need - to select 2-3 online resources, blogs, podcasts, etc. that relate to the business speciality in which I am interested and follow them throughout the course (Marketing Principle). (general business, human resources, finance, marketing, promotion, entrepreneurship, etc). Summarize information from your online resources and write a summary journal entry for each.
    Also include how this information might be useful in business studies.

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    One of the best online marketing sites for you to read current industry trends about principles of marketing, such as, articles, newsletters, blogs, or podcasts will be the MarketingProfs LLC. The marketing site will provide what you will need to find many online resources of articles to choose from that will assist you in your studies.

    Go to: http://www.marketingprofs.com/marketing/library/articles/

    At MarketingProfs you can find any topic you are interested in within the business environment from advertising to marketing strategy. You can join for a FREE membership to receive weekly updates on articles by professionals in the marketing industry or authors specializing in business. The MarketingProfs will suffice for your need to receiving current marketing news within the business industry.

    Marketing principles relates to the foundation of approaches that defines the company's product or service within the targeted marketplace. The principles of marketing involve a range of processes to defining customer wants and using key elements to serving customers.

    The key elements relating to the principles of marketing are as follow:

    The 4Ps:
    1. Product
    2. Place
    3. Price
    4. Promotion

    Implementing marketing principles incorporates the 4 above mention elements to effectively market to the targeted consumer audience. Thus, the usage of quantitative and qualitative research is performed to rendering a concise understanding - to how and when consumers react when 4Ps are executed accordingly.

    Once you decided on an article or podcasts from MarketingProfs, you can keep in mind that the 4Ps is really a blueprint to honing on your summary of the article. In doing so, the summary will have a concise theme to what needs to be pulled from the article based on the 4Ps for honing on the principles of marketing.

    Hope this helps.

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