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Haagen-Dazs Marketing Communications Strategy

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I need an elaborate summary on: Haagen-Dazs' experience in communicating customer Value Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

The solution should be based on what the contents of the attached chapter 14 of the textbook:

Principles of Marketing (14th Edition)
By Kotler & Armstrong

This summary should be a focused BUT comprehensive and all-inclusive of each and every idea and every concept related to the subject title. It should reflect the superb skills and unrivaled efficiency in making a focused summary that communicates/ pinpoints and gives the elite of the genuine ideas and rationale behind the vast volume of the abundant details in the subject matter without distracting the reader or getting distracted by the vast volume of those abundant details, i.e. focused up to the point. In addition to the bullet points and condensed paragraphs, each slide has to include simple diagrammatic elaborations.

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This presentation is to summarize the use of integrated marketing communication within Haagen-Dazs for increasing the awareness of customers for its campaign that was "Haagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees". It also includes how the integrated marketing communication mix used by the firm for its campaign caused an increase in the effectiveness of its products (honey bee flavored ice-cream). Overall, the experience of the firm with an integrated marketing communication method is presented.

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