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MCQs on Principles of Marketing

1. Which one of the following statements by a company president best reflects the marketing concepts? Pg 11 or 13
____a. We have organized our business to make certain that customers get what they want.
____b. We believe that the marketing department must organize to sell what we produce
____c. Our company has organized an aggressive sales force to promote our products
____d. We try to produce only high-quality, technically efficient products.

2. Alamo Rent-A-Car defines its ____ as leisure travelers, whereas its major competitors focus on business travelers. Pg. 34
____a. target market
____b. marketing mix
____c. market variable
__x_d. marketing objective group

3. Which one of the following employees is ultimately responsible for setting the ethical tone for the entire marketing organization? Pg. 106
____a. Lower-level marketing managers
____b. Lower-level marketing employees
____c. The product manager
____d. The chief executive officer

4. Why would a company use an undifferentiated targeting strategy?
____a. The needs of individual consumers are similar, and distinctive marketing mixes are required to satisfy them.
____b. The undifferentiated strategy requires less time and fewer resources.
____c. The needs of individual consumers in the target market for a specific product are similar, so the organization can satisfy most customers with a single marketing mix.
____d. The undifferentiated strategy is expensive to implement but tends to produce the most sales.

5. Gerber Singles were a gourmet food for adults packaged in baby food jars. The product failed mainly because:
____a. of poor timing
____b. of technical or design problems
____c. of overestimation of market size
____d. it did not convey the right message or image

6. Kleenex boutique is a brand ____ of tissues made by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.
____a. mark
____b. identification
____c. name
____d. guarantee

7. All members of the supply chain should determine their position in the chain, identify their partners and their roles, and establish partnerships that focus on:
____a. maximizing costs
____b. maximizing technology implementation
____c. cooperation with competitors
____d. customer relationships

8. Morgan's decided to put a much larger share of its promotion budget into ____ because of the heavy reliance it will be placing on coupons in the second quarter.
____a. advertising
____b. sales promotion
____c. public relations
____d. personal selling

9. ____ are offers of cash to customers who purchase a specific product, and ____ are offers of cash to customers who purchase a specific quantity of a specific product.
____a. Rebates; refunds
____b. Cents-off; refunds
____c. Rebates; premiums
____d. Rebates; money refunds

10. If a product has in inelastic demand, and the manufacturer raises its price:
____a. total revenue will increase
____b. quantity demanded will decrease
____c. the demand will become more inelastic
____d. total revenue will decrease


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