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Some MCQs on segmentation

______________________ is very popular in advertising circles.
a. Household segmentation
b. Lifestyle segmentation
c. Monetary segmentation
d. Fiscal segmentation
e. Economic segmentation

The Roper Starch Worldwide study on lifestyle segmentation identified six global
values segments which include:
a. strivers, devouts, altruists, intimates, fun seekers & creatives.
b. strivers, devouts, altruists, intimates, fun seekers & politicians.
c. strivers, devouts, altruists, intimates, fun seekers & economists.
d. strivers, devouts, altruists, intimates, fun seekers & geologists.
e. strivers, devouts, altruists, intimates, fun seekers & businessmen.

Value-based segmentation schemes are not always ________________.
a. profitable.
b. collectable.
c. actionable.
d. measurable.
e. none of the above.

Of all the segmentation base forms listed, which is the most popular within
advertising circles?
a. demographics
b. socioeconomic variables
c. culture
d. lifestyle
e. behavior-based

In the international market segmentation game, developing a positioning theme
involves the quest for a:
a. large segment.
b. profitable segment.
c. unique selling proposition (USP).
d. strong manager.
e. a friendly host government.

Appeals that work in one culture do not necessarily work in others because of the
following reasons EXCEPT:
a. human resources.
b. cultural characteristics.
c. buying power.
d. competitive climate.
e. product life cycle stage.

A firm's positioning strategy depends on the following factors EXCEPT:
a. strategic alliances.
b. target market.
c. product category.
d. positioning approach.
e. economic development.

When marketers are making the decision to enter an international market or not, the first step is generally to:
a. decide on the target budget.
b. decide on the target product/market.
c. decide on the goals of the target markets.
d. decide on the mode of entry.
e. decide on the time of entry.

________________ is the only marketing mix instrument that creates revenues.
a. Product
b. Price
c. Place (distribution)
d. Promotion
e. Service

A _______________ market is one where products marketed in low-priced
countries are shipped and resold by unauthorized channels in high-priced markets.
a. black
b. gray
c. white
d. demand
e. green

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