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    Marketing Mash-Up: The 4P's

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    What rationale did you use to choose the option you chose for Our Town Photography?

    What changes would you recommend to the marketing mix for the Our Town Photography Premier Portrait Service?

    Comment on the following statement: There is a correct marketing mix for every product and/or service.

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    Marketing Mash-up- 4Ps:

    Product, price, place, and promotion form the basis of the various 4Ps of marketing mix. The marketing mix elements form a basis for the desirable elements that the customers in the industry will always be looking at before purchasing a commodity. The 4ps of marketing are considered to be parameters which a marketing manager can control subject to both internal and external constraints. The main goals of controlling these constraints involve decision generation with an aim of ensuring that a perceived value is created and a positive response generated.

    Product decisions refer to tangible resources, services or product ...

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    The 4P's of marketing mash-ups are determined. The changes you would recommend to the marketing mix for the Our Town Photography is determined.