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    4P's of Marketing for an electric utilities company

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    Examine the 4 P's of marketing and discuss how each will be addressed within the business framework.

    E-businesses can be categorized into generic models (i.e., a method of doing online business enabling the company to generate revenue). Research the following business models and then determine which one is applicable to your organization.

    You work for an electric utilities company and will use the following models.

    Infomediary model?Provides information that helps consumers to understand products and markets.

    Manufacturer model?Creator of goods sold directly to the consumer.

    Write a plan discussing the various e-marketing technologies (e.g., banner ads, pop-ups, search engines, e-mail newsletters) needed in the model(s) you selected to support the 4 Ps of marketing: price, promotion, product, and place. hide problem

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    The solution uses the Infomediary model, and manufacturer model for an electric utilities company. This e-business will analyze its 4P's of marketing to create a strategy for itself.