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Increasing Immunizations to Ensure the Safety of Everyone

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Immunizations are an essential part of public health and must be regulated to ensure the safety of all individuals. There are many issues currently surrounding the vaccination process and the rules that govern this process. Public health workers are continually bombarded with concerned parents regarding the safety of vaccines and the strong opinions against mandatory vaccinations, but public health's concern lies with the multitude of individuals collectively. Children and college students who are not properly vaccinated put not only their own lives in danger, but everyone around them. Goals for immunizations are included in the national Healthy People 2010 objectives. Take the time to review these objectives and how public health is involved in this endeavor. What are your thoughts on how public health can make a difference in these objectives.

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There is much controversy with immunization and some is due to facts and other based in misconception or bad studies. The problem comes with the huge contrast with the conditions, mindset and financial aspects of developing nations compared to issues in western philosophy and prevalence and protection.

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Marketing and reasons people fail to be immunized is discussed.

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