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    marketing strategies

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    Please provide your view on the ethical issue of consumer awareness vs. the responsibility of business in its marketing strategies and ad campaigns.

    Be sure to address (not limited to)

    Ethics Marketing Issues Strategy Issues and Legal Issues

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    Marketing targeting sometimes generates public controversy. The public is concerned when marketers take unfair advantage of vulnerable groups or disadvantaged groups or promote potentially harmful products. The cereal industry has been heavily criticized for marketing efforts directed towards children. Critics worry that high powered appeals presented through the mouths of lovable animated characters will overwhelm children's defences and lead them to eat too much sugared cereal or poorly balanced breakfasts. Toy marketers have been similarily criticized.
    <br>When it comes to advertising to children, the principles of respect, responsiblity and ethics should be practised. The issue is not who is targeted, but rather, how and for what. Socially responsible marketing calls for targeted that serves not only the company's intereste, but also the interests of those being targeted.
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    <br>Marketing practice is now busy integrating the potential of information and communication ...