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Marketing Communications Strategy

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I need assistance to compare and contrast the marketing communication strategies between Kenya (domestic) and Botswana (international market), and explain the differences.

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Marketing communication strategies are examined. The expert explains the differences by comparing and contrasting the strategies.

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Marketing Communication Strategies

There are several similarities and differences in marketing communication strategies between Kenya (domestic) and Botswana (international market). There is similarity in that the main objective of marketing strategies at both places is to communicate the needed information related to products and services to the customers in an effective manner (Okumus, Altinay & Chathoth, 2012). In addition, marketing communication strategies used in Kenya and Botswana include planning, conception and execution of ideas and the four P's of a company to satisfy the demands of customers (Onkvisit, 2008).

On the other hand, there are various differences in marketing communication strategies between Kenya and Botswana. For example, in domestic marketing communication, there are no barriers for the company to disseminate its product information. In contrast, in international marketing, there are many barriers, such as cross cultural differences, language, ...

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