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Dynamics of the Global Economy

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The product or communications adaption (dual adaption) promotional strategy adapts both the product and its marketing communication to suit the target market. The product itself is adapted to match the needs or preferences of local buyers. The promotional message is adapted to explain how the product meets those needs and preferences. Because both production and marketing efforts must be altered, this strategy can be expensive; therefore, it is not very common. It can be implemented successfully, however, if a sufficiently large and profitable market segment exists.

Please respond to the following:

Briefly discuss the effects of globalization on international marketing activities, and explain how a product or communications adaption (dual adaption) promotional strategy works.

Please use at least 1 reference

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This 257 word solution is tied together with 1 solid reference. It covers the dual marketing concept, and defines what dual marketing entails. The solution covers communication in a global market, and outlines the importance of a dual marketing approach.

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