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The Internet's Effect on Marketing-Communication Strategies

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The Internet is rapidly overtaking traditional communications media as the primary, if not sole, source of information for the cohorts in Generation X and Generation Y. What are the implications for marketing-communications strategies if these trends continue?

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The Internet's Effect on Marketing-communication Strategies

The Internet is rapidly overtaking traditional communications media. The world of marketing communications is altering speedily in content, reach and structure and this is all due to the effect of internet. Vast advances in information technology are speeding the movement of marketing communication in a different manner. The increasing use of e-commerce applications had assisted the marketers in keeping closer track of customer needs and with this they had become able in keeping more information about consumers at the individual and household levels (Peter & Donnelly, 2002).

Internet is rendering organizations with new communications avenues for reaching smaller customer segments with more tailored messages. With the increasing use of internet, the marketing communication strategies', designed ...

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This solution discusses how the Internet affects marketing-communication strategies.